Supplements & Brownies!

It’s time for a little happy talk.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still a nut bag mentally but I try to calm it down. I am ten weeks out today…freaking out!  I am excited and nervous, confident and insecure all in one.  My mom and I bought our airline ticket and I finally decided on a suit. I haven’t ordered it yet and I can’t decide if I want to share what it looks like ahead of time. But we will see, I have to get it first.  Taking these steps make it more real the time is coming and I am getting more excited with each purchase made despite what my bank account says.

The other day my coach posted up some prep brownies that we could have on her Instagram. Being a brownie lover I obviously had to try and I am obsessed!  Now granted, they do not taste like REAL brownies but when your diet is chicken, fish, veggies and brown rice, anything will taste like heaven. So if you are looking for a healthy treat then you should try these!


In a large bowl mix a cup of oat flour, 1/2 cup of stevia, pinch of salt (I didn’t use any salt).  In another bowl, whisk 7 egg whites, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract (I found that chocolate extract added more flavor), 1/3 cup of unsweetened natural apple sauce.  Whisk the wet ingredients until the egg whites become fluffy and add to the dry ingredients.  Mix together and add 2 tbsp of cocoa powder.  Put in a cup cake pan/flat pan for 15 mins in the oven heated to 350 degrees.

The first time I made then I didn’t crush almonds only because I had my almonds for the day. Yes, a whopping 15.  Today I crushed them and added them to the brownies 5 minutes into baking.  I didn’t add it on top while it was wet just because I thought the almonds would sink in, but it cook pretty fast with 5 mins so it wasn’t as wet as I need the mix to be to hold the almonds either.  So that part is an experiment still.

The batch made 20 brownies – Per Brownie: 21 calories, 4 grams of carbs, .05 grams of fat, 1 gram of protein.

Supplement Talk – I think I finally settled on the supplements I like.


You can go anywhere to get this stuff but I’m a pretty loyal customer to the Vitamin Shoppe.  I use the BCAA mixed with some crystal light pink lemonade and sip on that while I do my cardio.  Well generally while I work out but especially during my cardio so I can prevent muscle breakdown.  The BCAA Powder is a Vitamin Shoppe brand and to be honest, I haven’t tried any other else than the ON Amino Energy.  It’s not to shabs but I need the little flavor to get through.  I may just buy more ON Amino Energy since it has BCAA in it, but as of now I use that as my pre work out. I was using Cellucor C4 and didn’t find that it gave me the boost I needed for my work out.  But the Amino Energy on the other hand….totally feel it and it taste delicious! I have the watermelon flavor and it takes like a lollipop and doesn’t have the nasty chemical shit taste most products have.  For my post work out , I use BSN Cellmass 2.0 Blue Raspberry.  So far so good, flavor is definitely doable.  I will probably stick to it for now because it’s the best tasting one I have had.

Competition Information – Some of you guys have been asking about my show and I will continue to share this info, but might as well let you guys know now.  The official flyer finally came out so here ya go!

August 10th @ Monmouth University. Prejudging $20 is at 11am and Finals $35 – $40 @ 6pm.  I have no idea why it is 35-40 but if I find that out I’ll let you know.


And before I end this one more thing – my article will be posting on June 4th at 7am est at! Be on the look out for that… 🙂





My Progress & New Supplements

Two week Progress
Weight was 145lbs/ Now 143″
Body Fat % 26.38/ Now 26.29″
Bicep 9 3/4inch/ Now 10″
Chest 36”/  Now 36 1/4″
Waist 29” / Now 28.5″
Fat Part 34 ¼ / Now 33.5″
Hips 37 ½ / Now 37″
Thigh 21 5/8/  Now 22″

First off my weight fluctuates between 143-144 and today I happen to be at 143.  I don’t really worry too much about my weight because I am adding muscle and losing inches which is becoming visible.  Body fat wise, I am actually not sure how accurate this is. I use an app on my phone to calculate and I never have actually gotten it measured.  In my past post of my measurements my body fat was at 24% and that was my fault. So according to my app that is my current percentage which I am not too excited about because I know I have to cut that in at least half, but I have to keep reminding myself this is a work in progress.  Other than that, I am happy to see my results. It is hard work but with the right coach, plan and supplements, I have faith this will all happen.  **My check in with my coach is in hour so updates on that soon**

So I mentioned before how I am weary of supplements and I may have finally found the one I love…introducing, Isagenix! Isagenix is an all natural supplement company that provides various products for cleansing, weight loss and management and overall health.  Considering the bodybuilding world is jam packed with supplements and ingredients that you cannot pronounce, finding one that even provides a half natural product is hard to find. 

I was introduced to Isagenix about a year ago when I was thinking of doing another cleanse.  I’ve tried different types before, all successful, but I was just looking for something new. I decided to give it a shot and for 9 days I followed their plan. I lost 9lbs of junk, not fat, and I never felt hungry or tired throughout the process and I loved it. Their products were tasty, easy to follow and definitely curb my appetite.

Here I am on my bodybuilding path and supplements are a must.  When I signed up with my Savage team I bought the Isalean shake to supplement one of my 6 meals.  Isagenix was actually encouraged by my coach which is why I went with them to begin with.  That first month went by well and after the first week of transitioning to this diet my energy started to pick up and my skin became brighter and more clear. I figured that was due to the diet and exercise. Eventually my shake ran out and for whatever reason I didn’t buy more. I had a big tub of Whey Protein in my cabinet from when I purchased in January and figured I would finish it off.  I had made the decision to leave savage and find someone else to work with but for 3 weeks I was on my own. 

While I continued my search for a coach, I continued my diet plan and work out regime but slowly I started to feel like shit. My energy was depleting, it was terribly difficult to get up in the morning, I was moody as hell, my carb cravings were through the roof and my clear skin began to look dull, blotchy accessorized with wonderful break out spots.  I didn’t really know what was going on but I continued to push through. I tried a couple different supplements that I wasn’t too crazy about but I figured anything that could help would be fantastic. I really wanted my supplements to be as natural as possible and help me get through the day. 

I kept referring back to the Isagenix Athlete’s Pak and it seemed to have everything I was looking for. The price was a little hard to swallow at first, however if I was going to spend a bunch of money on trying different supplements that I was not to crazy to try in the first place, then I might as well put that all into supplements that I felt good about to begin with. So I went ahead purchased an assload of isagenix products.

Immediately within the first few days I was feeling energized again, cravings went down and my skin started to clear up. Thank you Jesus! I love my Isagenix! It’s nourishing, balanced and all natural. I can use my Isalean Shakes and Pro bars as a meal replacement if I am in a bind because it has everything I need or I can use my Isalean Pro as my post work out drink.  I am going to write a separate post on the products, how I use them and what I like and don’t like about them. Some of them I’m not too excited about and some I will never do without. But in the meantime if you are looking for something to healthy and natural to add to your weight loss program or just overall health, you can check get more info here or email me.

Today I feel like shit, the kind of shit that happens after a late night run at taco bell.  It is day 4 working on my coach’s plan and it’s not necessarily hard but it certainly isn’t a walk it the park.  My diet is stricter, less carbs; no dairy, MORE chicken…the chicken is tough to handle especially at 10am. That requires a lot of self talk to finish that meal. Overall, the whole diet is not that bad. I guess I am getting use to eating like this.
 I love my work out plan. The new cardio is challenging but keeps my ass sore for days and I can feel my muscles actually working during my weighted exercises.  And I love, love, LOVE my Isagenix supplements. So overall everything is good and I am really taking a loving to the gym.
But I still feel like shit. I’m tired, so tired and my head is throbbing. My neck is stiff as hell which usually happens from stress.  Usually by the time Wednesday comes around I am burnt out and ready to call it a week. I don’t know if I am over training or if I am over working or maybe a combination of both. Trying to keep some mental peace and clarity at my job is difficult at times and fighting to tame my crazy can be quiet exhausting.  But with everything I have been learning and applying through out this experience I am hopeful that this will all come to an end. It is a matter of training brain to make positive changes, not just go through the motions.
On a positive note, while I was working on my biceps last night I noticed veins popping out my hands and fore arms and then this morning my suspicious were visually confirmed – my boobs are getting smaller. YAY for veins and smaller boobies!!

New Blog. New Trainer. New Supplements. New Thangs.

I apologize for the mess of my blog right now (as if you are truly devastated) but I am going through some transitions.  I’m trying to make my move from blogger to wordpress and get a snazzy little lay out. Ohhh shit, big things poppin!

So back in February I talked about being a Savage Girl and a few weeks ago I decided to stop working with them.  My coach was good and they help me get started with a better work out and diet plan, but they really were not for me and I should have know going into it.  This team was one of those popular teams and I felt like I needed more attention to get a better understanding with what I wanted to accomplish.

What did solidify my decision to go with Cathy Savage was the fact that they believed in the Isagenix products which are all natural.  I love all natural I have used these products before and really liked them and I don’t know why I ever stopped.  Anyway, I ended it with Savage and have been on my own for about 3 weeks. I continued my training, started educating myself on any thing related to fitness and competitions and kept reading up on different trainers I could work with.

Well I found her…
 IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Arevalo

Ok, let me just talk about how HUGE of a deal this is for me.  This is like Britney Spears teaching The Gay choreography.  I found her on instagram, amongst other IFBB Pros, when I made my decision to compete.  It might be a little bit of an obsession, but I love seeing their progress, their bikini bods and just seeing what it takes to get where I hope to be.  It’s inspiring and Jessica has always been my Fitness Idol. Now I get to learn from her! Ahhh!

 This is her off prep booty. If my butt can look like that off prep, on prep, on stage, off stage, during the fall, winter, summer or spring…I will be the happiest little girl ever. I may even thank God for that!  If you want to see more of my coach here is her instagram.
Quick Supplement Talk: I am going back to Isagenix.  I just bought my 30 day Energy & Performance Pack.  I don’t know how I will like it but I will keep you posted.

What I do – Supplement talk

Anytime my training comes up in conversation someone always asks me about what I eat or what my work outs look like or just what “i do” in general to prepare for this. I’m still at the beginning stages of my prep but right now my life is about the gym, diet and supplements, which I don’t anticipate changing any time soon, but I will get to add tanning products, clear heels and expensive bathing suits to the list really soon!

Considering that the diet and work out is time consuming and definitely not easy, finding the right supplements has actually been my biggest struggle. Here is my thing – I hate medication. I hate anything that makes my body do stuff it doesn’t do by its self. I am a firm believer that if you take care of yourself, I mean really take care of yourself, your body will do what it needs to do and you won’t have to pop an Advil every time you have a headache. So taking pills to aid in my fat loss and muscle growth is a bit controversial for me. The reality of the situation is many athletes use these supplements to get their edge and if I want to look the best with the best then I have to figure something out. With that said I have not tried to many as I am easing into this idea.

**This post is not going to be set up the way I want with the pictures because I am on my stupid iPad (laptop has a virus) and I am limited on what I can do so I apologize for the hideous layout. #spoiledgirlproblems

BCAA – are the building blocks of protein and are suppose to preserve the muscle mass and help with muscle recovery. These supplements are highly recommended for anyone who is doing a lot of heavy lifting and fasted cardio. A lot of people say they notice a difference with BCAA and they can feel their muscles hardening or some bullshit. Lets be honest, I’m taking them because they are recommended. I have never tried to add muscle to my body so I don’t really know how they would feel like or how they would develop without this. All I can say is that I do noticed muscles in places I have never seen before. So lets just say that these pills are helping. Some people take them at different times of the day for various reason I am sure but I take two capsules before and after my work out.

Whey protein – blah blah blah, we all know about protein drinks. I still have yet to find “the best” whey supplement and the best tasting one. They all taste like shit, the end. Doesn’t matter the brand or the flavor, it’s disgusting. It would be fantastic with milk, but unfortunately water is my mixer. The only way I can enjoy my shake is if it is ice cold and using a straw. I’m hoping I will stumble across a delicious protein shake or maybe just burn off my taste buds in a cooking accident. I’ll keep you updated.

Fat Burners – here is where I get uncomfortable but I finally gave in. I follow a couple of blogs, instagrams and face books of some of my favorite pro bikini athletes and aspiring pros. Obviously some of them are sponsored but some of them aren’t. One of my “idols” kept referring to the Cellucor HD fat burner and being a fan of her “work” I finally said, “fuck it, lets try this shit.” I have to say as much as I don’t like these things, it definitely does its job. My energy level went through the roof, my work outs are focus and more intense and I’ve never seen my weight drop so fast in a short amount if time. I already lost another pound and a half since Monday. This pill is quite impressive and I did turn into a Cellucor pusher at work.

But being that this is packed with caffeine and other stimulants I cannot pronounce, I definitely noticed some uncomfortable symptoms. The first two days I literally felt so hyper. I wanted to do everything really, really fast. I even think my eyes were bugging out of my head. However, with that energy came extreme focus and I felt so productive all day. I swear that pill was adderall laced with cocaine. I did not feel shaky at all but my first lifting session didn’t go well because I got a stomach ache. The minute I started my work out, I was out of breath, my heart was racing and it created this nauseous gassy stomach ache. The ones where you feel like you are going to throw up but your just have nasty loud burp built up. I swear it wasn’t farty gas. I have no shame so I would tell you it was. The energy did not effect my sleep in any way and I slept like a baby, woke up feeling amazing and was ready for my fasted cardio. That first cardio sesh was tough though. I had to ease into it longer than usual, because again, my heart was racing, out of breath and I could feel my circulation moving through my feet like a roller coaster. After I warmed up for a little bit longer then I was good to go. The noticeable extra energy last a couple days and my body got use to it and now I feel normal. I was on it for about two weeks when I decided to up the dosage and test my tolerance. No,no, no big mistake! I should have known since I really don’t drink a lot of coffee and this time I was extremely shaky, out of breath, hot flashes galore and the burpy stomach aches came back but worse. I’m pretty sure I lost a pound the next day from my upped dosage but I will stick to my one capsule for now. To be honest, I don’t really know if I am going to continue taking fat burners. I may just finish off this bottle until I find something that I 100% believe in. I think I may have found something but we will save that for another post.

So there is my take on supplements. Diet and work out to come…