Valentine’s Day

A day of love, chocolate, flowers and depression. If your are single, you most likely have the temptation of locking yourself in a closet while eating a pint of ice cream, then throw it all up and jump off your balcony to end your single life misery. But If you are in a relationship that day, you are that good friend holding her hair back as Suicide Sally throws up her chunky monkey. And who really cares if Sally jumps off the balcony. You have to get home to have passionate, sweaty, hot monkey love with your future ex-boyfriend.

Good old Valentine’s Day.

Well ladies and gays, if there is one thing you must know about me it is that I have developed a near rehab obsession with ecards. Those fantastic cards of sarcastic truth can really get me through the day. So before you find the sharpest knife in your kitchen drawer and the most transparent vein in your wrist, please enjoy some of my favorite Valentine’s ecards for your laughing pleasure.