Guest Post on Fitness Fashion: Veronica Garmo

Lately I’ve been feeling a little boring when it comes to my wardrobe.  To be honest, I’m always over my wardrobe.  It just seems like I can never keep up and I honestly don’t put in the effort I would like to have when it comes to being more stylish.  However, since I am in the process of changing my body it really doesn’t make sense to go out and buy new clothes that aren’t going to fit me in 3 months.  With that said the only other option I have is to spice up my gym apparel. When I first started with my training I usually wore all black. Boring!  Now that the gym is becoming a love of mine I really have the urge to get all cute with it. Ya know, look good for the iron.  Who else am I going to impress?
I really wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista in any way. In fact I could really use some assistance with my wardrobe and I thought my opinion wouldn’t be the best in sharing what looks sexy and fun in the gym.  With that said, I want to introduce you to Personal Stylist Veronica Garmo!
Ironically enough, I met Veronica at the gym we use to work at.  The girl is sassy, loaded with attitude and  has a wild head of fabulous curly hair.  l.o.v.e.h.e.r. We bonded immediately and thanks to our ugly uniforms I never knew she had this stylish side that I would envy on a daily basis.  Literally, daily.  Follow her instagram and you’ll know what I mean.  She is creative, fearless and some days she has me going “Daaaayyummm…let me tap tap that picture.” *boop*heart*  That was IG talk if you didn’t know.  I asked Veronica to share her expertise in fitness fashion and she kindly agreed! Check it out!
I believe that the clothes you wear have a direct impact on how you feel. We all know that when you look good you feel good. So why not throw on some bright colors and funky patterns to spice up your gym wardrobe! When you feel sexy and confident in your clothes(& out) you work harder to maintain that euphoric feeling. Here are a few choices I would select to get you a little out of your comfort zone and have you feeling your sexiest in active wear:
 1) Karma Charlotte Bra with Karma Elsie Tights 


Karma Charlotte Bra & Hard Tail Booty Shorts (this pair in Electric Pink)

2) Karma Hazel Black Polka Dot Tank with Karma Nellie Tights

3) Nike Pro Reykjavik Rave Printed Tights with Victoria Secret Showtime Sports Bra, I would also add the Hard Tail grey T-back top for before/after your workout.

As you can see, a lot of these pieces are interchangeable. You can mix & match many of these pieces while creating a new look everyday. The end goal is to have fun, be confident & wear it like you mean it!
Styled by V
Personal Stylist
Veronica Garmo