About Me

In 2011 had a short stint of employment at Lifetime Fitness and while I was there I noticed this group of super fit and sexy women. At first I thought they were crazy because I would see them twice, some times three times a day working out.  Then I found out they were training for a fitness competition and I really thought they were crazy.  As much as I admired their bodies and dedication, I just never believed it was something I could do  myself.  After I left LT, I always thought about competing.  It was just one of those things I said I wanted to do but I didn’t think I would actually get to the point where I would follow through.

In January of 2013 something hit me and I was ready.  It wasn’t because it was a New Year and I was making a resolution, but something inside me said it was time. I slowly started telling my friends that I wanted to do this and was getting a lot of support.  I always use to be scared to tell people my dreams and aspirations and I think that is because most of my life I have been disappointment buy the lack of encouragement and support to the ones closest to me that I just got tired of hearing negative opinions.  This competition was something I really wanted to try and I even though I told a few of my friends, I was afraid to announce it to everyone because what if they laughed at me?  What if they told me this was impossible?  What if they expected me to fail and I began to believe they were right?  That fear ruled my life for a long time and one morning I woke up and said, “Fuck it. I am going to blog about it and post it all over my facebook.”  And here we are…

“Beauty in the Buff” served two purposes: a fuck you to those that were laughing and to help hold me accountable.  Now that I am telling everyone my goals it would be an embarrassment if I actually did fail.  How would I explained to people why I never got competition ready?  The accountability from my blog is definitely there but I have also been surprised to receive the amount of support from friends of my past and complete strangers all together.  Not only have I received encouraging notes for my fitness goals but also really nice words about my writing. I am so not a writer and anyone who excelled in English could point out all my flaws but I enjoy putting my personality on paper.

This blog has become an outlet of my life and documentation of the person I am turning into. Whether it be about fitness, my competition challenges, ridiculous dating life or anything funny that pops in my head, you can count on me to speak about it.

So are you with me or against me?  Don’t be a whore, make the right choice…




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