You are not healthier than me so stfu!

Ever since I threw myself into this health and fitness world I have been overwhelmed with the amount of information and opinions on how to lose weight, gain muscle and overall be healthy.  Then I decided to stop listening to other people and do what my coach says. Shit, I pay her enough to do the thinking for me why would I not listen to her?  But lately it seems like as I get closer to the show more opinions are starting to surface and it is quite freaking annoying.

Let’s get one thing out of the way…do I believe that the diet, supplements and meal plan is the best way to get in shape or even competition ready?  No, but if I did it my way, the way that has been failing me for years, I would still be a little buffless baby.  My long-term goal is to live a life with muscles and good health that is accomplish naturally.  A lot goes into this prep that I don’t consider natural or necessarily agree with, but I know nothing about my body, nutrition or this sport.  So right now I am doing it the way it has always been done, the way that has been successful for many people and when I learn more about everything I will try to reinvent the wheel and do it my way naturally.

With that said I am so sick of hearing people protest and argue on what is considered “healthy”.  You google any topic on health and you will find numerous articles that are for and against it; it is never ending.

Being plant-based is the best. No animal protein is the best.

No, we shouldn’t be consuming other animal milk, but wait..we need calcium.

Whey? Soy? Soy is bad, but no, soy is good?

Dairy is bad. Meat is bad. Fish is bad, but some times good.

Good god, shut the hell up!


Gluten -free? What the hell is gluten and why are we freeing it?

I just can’t keep up!

The problem isn’t that there is one best diet, the problem is that everything we have grown up with is so processed that science is finally catching up to these allergies and diseases. So shut the hell up about other people’s damn diet and just do what is best for you and what your body needs.  Stop preaching about “x” and other cancer causing foods.  Please tell me, what doesn’t cause cancer?

What kills me is people get stuck one issue. They will parade around about how soy is bad because it is linked to breast cancer and criticize you for it for even considering it in your coffee. Um sweetie, what happened to smoking, alcohol, or better yet how about using a tanning bed or not wearing sun screen every single day? How about the Advil you take to relieve pain?  You don’t think that has long term side effects? What about all the chemicals you rub all over your body; lotion, nail polish, make up, spray tans, deodorant, shampoos, conditioner…etc.  Our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs so much so get over your soy or the one health fact you think you are educated on.  If you want to limit certain things in your diet, please do; I applaud you for even taking that step. But being stuck on one issue does not make you healthier than anyone else when you still douse yourself in toxicity daily which increases risk of any serious health issue. Plus, how much you want to bet that your one green smoothie in the morning will only last a few weeks?

What is the point of this rant? My point is to just shut the F up. If one day we wake up and eating elephant poop is scientifically proven to enlarge a man’s penis by 2 inches and 80% of our male population start buying elephants, freakin’ let them.  Do what makes you feel good about being healthy and happy.  We are all going to die and most of us are going to get some form of cancer.

So be merry and eat your god damn elephant shit!

Santiago Out.


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