Good Food or Good Health?

“I’m training for a fitness competition” always seems to come up in conversation with almost anyone I talk to now a days.  Maybe I’m bragging or maybe I just have this little thing called pride to be able to go after something that many people won’t dare try.   Regardless, it has been a struggle and I would be lying if I said this process has been done 100% perfectly.  I strive every day for that 100% and sometimes I make it and some times I don’t. But in order to change you have to try right?

Some where along the conversation I always hear, “I want to be able to lose ___lbs, but I don’t want to get on some crazy diet or have to stop eating ___.”  First of all, you can still look better and enjoy your naughty foods, but what these people are saying is they don’t want to give up naughty foods for more than a day and I completely understand.  But at some point you have to think about what you want more – fit body or naughty food?

Here is the thing we all want to have our cake and eat it too, but that cannot happen with fitness.  You don’t need to prep for a competition but if you want to change your body you have to change your habits.  If you don’t want to change your habits then your body remains the same. Trust me, I know; It is a struggle I deal with daily.  You would think after all this training I would have it by now but I still fight my old habits.

You can’t say you want to lose 20 lbs without going to the gym and eating pizza.  You definitely can’t say you want to tone up but don’t want to have to live without your daily take out or frozen meals.  And blaming time for your lack of motivation to change your life doesn’t work because when will time every free up to be a better you?

You need to decide what is most important;  How you are going to feel with a life long 6 pack? Or how you are going to feel after you finish your 6 pack of beer?  Whatever choice you make is fine but you cannot have both.  And the sooner you accept it the least irritated I’ll be in having a diet discussion with you. So figure it out.



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