My Article!!!

So I would have never called myself a writer and I kind of still don’t. However, I started a blog in January to help hold me accountable for my competition goals. This blog has turned into something I never expected.  Honestly,  I never really thought anyone would care to read it.  Anyway, I was approached by an online magazine, The Indie Chicks, about possibly writing a guest article for the mag about my experience with training. Uh, yes please!

I am still in some disbelief over this fun opportunity, but here I am in my sweaty spandex, asking you to check out my article! If they get a good response then  I will do a 6 week check in post as well as the competition follow up. If they don’t, well…at least I can get a little fancy and title myself as a “published columnist”.  Look at me…all sophisticated and shit 😉
If you love my article please pass it along to your friends (and comment if you have the time). If you don’t, just be quiet and pretend you do. You know, us artists are really sensitive about our craft.

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