What to do after a binge


Whether you are on a diet to do a fitness competition or you just want to look cute in a bikini this summer, cheating is something we all do.  We are human and food is delicious.  True, the only way to get to your goal is practicing self-control but mishaps will happen and it is important to learn from it and get back on track.  If you are like me, an emotional eater, these “cheats” can easily turn into a binge that you will forever regret.  My regrettable binges usually consist of lots and lots of carbs which is probably paired up with a massive amount of sodium and let’s not forget the fat.

So here is the deal  – If you have a fantastic carb binge, your blood sugar will spike and if your carb binge is paired with fat (who binges fat free?) it can lead to weight gain.  But don’t freak out, if it is one time binge and you continue your diet and work out you should be in the clear.  It’s when the binges happen multiple times throughout the week. Now if you have protein with your carbs, your blood sugar won’t spike as high making it harder to store fat. Keep in mind calories in and calories out is what will shed the weight. So having a shit load of protein with your binge and not actually burning enough calories won’t do shit.

This carb binge will leave you visibly and uncomfortably bloated which will probably last a couple of days and you’ll have a butt load of energy to burn.  Most people, particular women, think the only way for damage control is to starve themselves for the next day or two.  That doesn’t help you in any way but create more damage.  Your body isn’t stupid. If you don’t feed it, it won’t let go of fat which is your ultimate goal.  You have all these extra calories aka energy so get your ass off the couch and burn it and keep eating!  Eat clean and every 2.5-3 hours to keep your metabolism moving to burn the stored fat.  

Regardless you probably feel like shit; pissed at yourself because you “should have known better” and now your stomach hurts.  I know, I know, you suck at life.  You should just go cry in the closet gripping your chunky monkey.  Been there, done that, rinse and repeat.

Before you follow in my old footsteps, here some tricks I’ve researched and followed:
  1.   Drink lots of water. The water helps get rid of toxins and water retention from the shitload of sodium you ingested the day before.
  2. Exercise. Remember you just consumed a lot of calories (energy) that need to be burned. Plus, the sweating helps release toxins and extra sodium. I will usually go harder on my cardio session that day but I don’tleave out my lifting. 
  3.  Keep eating and following your diet.  Don’t skip breakfast and don’t skim on calories.  You could lighten up on the carbs and use what you still have, but just keep moving on. You are still going to look and feel bloated for a few days but it is temporary so don’t freak.    
  4. This is where the therapy comes in – learn from it. Write down your triggers and recognize the feelings that prompt you to binge in the first place. I know that no matter how much food I ate, the feelings I had before the food never went away when I was done stuffing my face.

Most importantly don’t give up. So you screwed up. Woopdifreakindo!  You exposed a weakness that you need to strengthen and it doesn’t mean your goals are completely out of sight.  Stay positive, practice good habits and be persistent.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” 


-Arnold Schwarzenegger   

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