Everyone is an expert

As soon as you say “I’m training for a fitness competition” all the experts come out, even the fat ones.  Everybody knows everything about proper nutrition and exercise.  However, all this information is clearly not doing anything for them.

“Oh you shouldn’t be eating that. That is bad for your liver/digestive system/brain/brain/bladder/whatever.”
“You need to do this because you aren’t getting enough of ____ in your diet.”
“Why do you take those supplements? Those are garbage.”
“You really need to spend more time on these exercises.”
“You are wasting your time with that cardio routine. You should do this…”
“I can train you better than anyone else.” 
or my favorite
“I have know the perfect person to train you. She did this…”
First of all, my diet may not be perfect or ideal for a particular human being but anything that has not been grown from the earth with little to no chemicals is pretty much bad for you. I am eating cleaner than I have ever eaten and making more of an effort than most people make in a minute to change their bad habits.  And judging by the tire around your waist, what would you know about being healthy? Alcohol is bad for your liver. Smoking is bad for your lungs.  Anything that is on our shelves in a box, can or sealed plastic bad has things that are bad for your organs. Practically anything on a menu in any restaurant or fast food joint is packed with preservatives, sodium and fat.  So tell me again how my high protein, low sodium, carb and sugar diet is bad for me?  And guess what? I don’t consume diary. “OMG BUT YOU NEED CALCIUM!” Uh huh and milk isn’t the only thing that has calcium. Did you know Americans are the only people who drink milk from another animal?  No other animal or civilization (as far as I know off) does. That should say something in itself.  So get over it. I don’t consume dairy.

I love how everyone is a trainer. Curling donuts does not make you an expert in weight lifting.  Putting in hours at the gym and then binging on pizza and “raging” the night away does not make you an expect on living a healthy lifestyle.  You may be able to have your cake and eat it too and you may look better than most people, but you don’t know the first thing about the dedication and sacrifice a person makes to get ready for a fitness competition. So yes, I choose not to go out and party because I have a goal that you don’t understand.

What do you know about exercising?  What do you know about over training?  Just because you know how to google and create a New Years Resolution, it doesn’t mean you have any wealth of knowledge when it comes to working out.  Try putting your knowledge to action and then come tell me what worked and didn’t worked for you.  That is what people don’t get either.  Everyone needs to have a basic understanding of diet and exercise, but at the end of the day each body responds a little differently.  Some people do 30 mins of cardio and the fat melts away.  I on the other hand need to do two split sessions of intense cardio to just get any type of fat loss response.  Some people can build muscle like crazy and I’ve been working on my little baby biceps for two months and it still looks like I have a pimple.  I mean, it is what it is. So what works for you doesn’t mean it will work for me.

And what is with fat trainers?  I mean come on, you preach health and fitness.  Take some of your own advice!  How is anyone going to respect your knowledge if you don’t apply it yourself?  Listen, you don’t have to be chiseled like a Greek statue and you are allowed to have a layer of fat over your body.  Everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen and you don’t have to stay away from bad yet enjoyable food because you train people for a living.  But it shouldn’t look like the only type of exercise you get is from working out your jaw muscles.  And considering that everyone’s biggest reason as to why they can’t work out is lack of time, as a trainer you should be the one proving to them that you do have time if you make it.  If you are going to be an advocate and a teacher, then you need to be a walking example as well.  I don’t care what you can do for other people, your body is an example of your work; it’s your portfolio. You should have enough pride in your job to be a walking billboard for how you can help other people.

Listen, I have a coach and she just so happens to be an IFBB Bikini Pro.  Her ass is a high as an elephant’s eye and shes got abs for days. She didn’t just wake up and get a personal training certificate that can help the average American lose a couple of pounds.   She knows how to pose, she knows the routine, she knows the sport and understands the discipline.  She motivates and inspires and I hired her for a reason.  If I wanted to learn how to fill in my stomach ruts and create one solid pack then I will hand over my money to you.

Until then I will continue to take my garbage supplements, eat my high protein, low carb, low sugar, low sodium diet and waste my time in the gym doing useless exercises. K? Cool.


Guest Post on Fitness Fashion: Veronica Garmo

Lately I’ve been feeling a little boring when it comes to my wardrobe.  To be honest, I’m always over my wardrobe.  It just seems like I can never keep up and I honestly don’t put in the effort I would like to have when it comes to being more stylish.  However, since I am in the process of changing my body it really doesn’t make sense to go out and buy new clothes that aren’t going to fit me in 3 months.  With that said the only other option I have is to spice up my gym apparel. When I first started with my training I usually wore all black. Boring!  Now that the gym is becoming a love of mine I really have the urge to get all cute with it. Ya know, look good for the iron.  Who else am I going to impress?
I really wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista in any way. In fact I could really use some assistance with my wardrobe and I thought my opinion wouldn’t be the best in sharing what looks sexy and fun in the gym.  With that said, I want to introduce you to Personal Stylist Veronica Garmo!
Ironically enough, I met Veronica at the gym we use to work at.  The girl is sassy, loaded with attitude and  has a wild head of fabulous curly hair.  l.o.v.e.h.e.r. We bonded immediately and thanks to our ugly uniforms I never knew she had this stylish side that I would envy on a daily basis.  Literally, daily.  Follow her instagram and you’ll know what I mean.  She is creative, fearless and some days she has me going “Daaaayyummm…let me tap tap that picture.” *boop*heart*  That was IG talk if you didn’t know.  I asked Veronica to share her expertise in fitness fashion and she kindly agreed! Check it out!
I believe that the clothes you wear have a direct impact on how you feel. We all know that when you look good you feel good. So why not throw on some bright colors and funky patterns to spice up your gym wardrobe! When you feel sexy and confident in your clothes(& out) you work harder to maintain that euphoric feeling. Here are a few choices I would select to get you a little out of your comfort zone and have you feeling your sexiest in active wear:
 1) Karma Charlotte Bra with Karma Elsie Tights 


Karma Charlotte Bra & Hard Tail Booty Shorts (this pair in Electric Pink)

2) Karma Hazel Black Polka Dot Tank with Karma Nellie Tights

3) Nike Pro Reykjavik Rave Printed Tights with Victoria Secret Showtime Sports Bra, I would also add the Hard Tail grey T-back top for before/after your workout.

As you can see, a lot of these pieces are interchangeable. You can mix & match many of these pieces while creating a new look everyday. The end goal is to have fun, be confident & wear it like you mean it!
Styled by V
Personal Stylist
Veronica Garmo

Sick as a buff puppy

This is the dumbest illness I have ever had; a freakin sinus infection has knocked me off my feet!  Sunday morning I woke up with dizziness and I figured it was my vertigo coming back since I had dealt with it twice last year.  I was not too concerned since it wasn’t too serious and figured it would take a few days, a week at max, to go away.

Monday morning I wake up and the vertigo was worse and had a shit load of congestion. I didn’t have sinus pressure but I was pretty sure the dizziness was allergy related since I never go a day without allergies thanks to Arizona. I hopped my little ass over to Safeway and picked up some Claritin D & a Neti Pot to clear out my sinuses.  Despite the fact that I had to keep my head still to function I went to the gym and did my thing. Nothing was getting in the way of me and that stage!

Tuesday morning I wake up with body aches and a damn fever. Seriously? I almost freaked thinking I had the flu.  I normally wouldn’t go to the Doctor, simply because I hate them, but I really didn’t want whatever this was to get worse and stop me from the gym. I was given these horse pills to take for 10 days to take away this sinus infection which apparently is a bitch to get rid off. I did go to the gym for my morning cardio which was dumb on my part as I had a slight fever and body was on fire by the time I was done.  I tried to go for my evening session since my fever was gone, but my body was so achy I literally turned the car around and figured I should rest the night. I didn’t want to be out of commission longer than I needed too.

Wednesday & Thursday went by ok. I had moments where I thought I was getting better and as soon as the thought of the gym popped into my head, my body would heat up. So irritating. My coach told me to rest for the week and get back in on Monday which I know is smart, but it’s causing me to be a little restless as I only have less than 15 weeks to go. Oh, but the best part I had a sexy raspy voice which I was l-o-v-i-n-g.

Well this freakin morning I wake up with literally no voice. No freakin voice. My throat and chest are so raw it literally hurts to breath and god forbid I cough. Oh my god, the pain is unbearable.  I’ve never tried so hard not to cough before and I am hoping this clears up by Monday because there is no possible way I will be able to do cardio with my chest like this.  I have to use my inhaler to get from one end of the house to the other.

I know it could be worse and thankfully this isn’t weeks before the competition but all I keep thinking about is the time I’ve missed that I cannot get back. Waaaah…Iwannabebuff!!


Staying Positive

I have been having a difficult time staying positive lately.  All the mental clutter has been bringing me down and I have been allowing this stress to cloud my goal. The truth is I’ve never handled challenges in my life well at all which has resorted to years of self-abuse. I’ve abused myself physically and mentally and just all around tortured myself in mental prison.

I can’t tell you how many self-help/inspirational books I’ve read and I’ve loved every single one of them.  But it takes the individual to be ready to actually receive this kind of information and to be mentally free of all negative thoughts.  My decision to compete just “came to me”. It was something I had been wanting to do and one day I woke up and I was ready.  My goals for competing was at first pure vanity but eventually  morphed into a life changing transformation.  I was not only ready to compete, but I was ready to work on escaping this prison.

Everything happens for a reason.

This morning I woke up feeling crappy and negative. It was a mood that had been following me for a week and I couldn’t shake it.  I’ve been reading a lot on Buddhism, trying to connect to my spiritual self, and finally made the decision to meditated.  That was not a walk in the park let me tell you.  Trying to quiet your mind is extremely difficult especially when negative thoughts flow through like water through a river. I probably accomplished a moment of silence for 5 secs, but those 5 secs made a huge difference.

I felt calm, at peace and was ready to hit the gym. I decided to wear the brightest gym apparel I own since I usually wear black.  I love black and my prissy side hates visible sweat stains.  I got over the priss and realized how good it felt to be in bright colors and seeing the benefits of my hard work was a nice bonus.  By the way, Is anyone else noticing the shape in my legs? No? Ok, well I do…heey guuurrll 😉

This gym sesh was probably the best I had ever had; I was focused and motivated.  My mentality had switched from negative to positive and I felt open to receiving good things to come into my life.  After the gym something happened where I felt disappointment by multiple people who I would consider close to be me and I quickly bounced back to old habits.

I was pissed. I was pissed because of the disappointment and pissed at myself for letting other people bring me down.   Even though I had a moment that I didn’t like I was able to get out of it faster then the Old Kristine would have.  This training has opened my eyes to a lot of things and it has made me reevaluate what it is I am trying to accomplish in my life and who is going to be apart of it. As difficult as it is changes will be made and people will be let go.

That’s just the way of the world, my world.

“Becoming a master means willingness to let go of whatever isn’t working in your life.  Letting go of the familiar is hard.”


What to do after a binge


Whether you are on a diet to do a fitness competition or you just want to look cute in a bikini this summer, cheating is something we all do.  We are human and food is delicious.  True, the only way to get to your goal is practicing self-control but mishaps will happen and it is important to learn from it and get back on track.  If you are like me, an emotional eater, these “cheats” can easily turn into a binge that you will forever regret.  My regrettable binges usually consist of lots and lots of carbs which is probably paired up with a massive amount of sodium and let’s not forget the fat.

So here is the deal  – If you have a fantastic carb binge, your blood sugar will spike and if your carb binge is paired with fat (who binges fat free?) it can lead to weight gain.  But don’t freak out, if it is one time binge and you continue your diet and work out you should be in the clear.  It’s when the binges happen multiple times throughout the week. Now if you have protein with your carbs, your blood sugar won’t spike as high making it harder to store fat. Keep in mind calories in and calories out is what will shed the weight. So having a shit load of protein with your binge and not actually burning enough calories won’t do shit.

This carb binge will leave you visibly and uncomfortably bloated which will probably last a couple of days and you’ll have a butt load of energy to burn.  Most people, particular women, think the only way for damage control is to starve themselves for the next day or two.  That doesn’t help you in any way but create more damage.  Your body isn’t stupid. If you don’t feed it, it won’t let go of fat which is your ultimate goal.  You have all these extra calories aka energy so get your ass off the couch and burn it and keep eating!  Eat clean and every 2.5-3 hours to keep your metabolism moving to burn the stored fat.  

Regardless you probably feel like shit; pissed at yourself because you “should have known better” and now your stomach hurts.  I know, I know, you suck at life.  You should just go cry in the closet gripping your chunky monkey.  Been there, done that, rinse and repeat.

Before you follow in my old footsteps, here some tricks I’ve researched and followed:
  1.   Drink lots of water. The water helps get rid of toxins and water retention from the shitload of sodium you ingested the day before.
  2. Exercise. Remember you just consumed a lot of calories (energy) that need to be burned. Plus, the sweating helps release toxins and extra sodium. I will usually go harder on my cardio session that day but I don’tleave out my lifting. 
  3.  Keep eating and following your diet.  Don’t skip breakfast and don’t skim on calories.  You could lighten up on the carbs and use what you still have, but just keep moving on. You are still going to look and feel bloated for a few days but it is temporary so don’t freak.    
  4. This is where the therapy comes in – learn from it. Write down your triggers and recognize the feelings that prompt you to binge in the first place. I know that no matter how much food I ate, the feelings I had before the food never went away when I was done stuffing my face.

Most importantly don’t give up. So you screwed up. Woopdifreakindo!  You exposed a weakness that you need to strengthen and it doesn’t mean your goals are completely out of sight.  Stay positive, practice good habits and be persistent.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” 


-Arnold Schwarzenegger   

I’m taking a break

I am mentally tired from all the changes I am working on.  I am not just some girl who is trying to discipline her eating and exercise habits but I am also trying to reframe my brain.  I’ve said before that this decision to bodybuild has change my life and it really has, but I’m exhausted with working towards the change.

I’m tired of thinking about my diet or overcoming internal objections of following my meal plan or work out plan.  I love what I am doing but those little voices still come in especially when food has always been my medication for happiness.

I’m tired of trying to find ways through out my day to be positive, stay positive and inspired in whatever it is I am doing.

I’m tired of trying to figure out a career and not just have a job that pays bills. And I am over being stressed about the work I am in and feeling guilty over my production.

I’m tired of acknowledging and accepting old issues so that I can work towards healing them and move on.  I’m so over recognizing anxiety triggers, logging emotions and pulling out exercises, quotes or anything inspiring to help keep me away from self medication.

My friendships are diminishing and as much as I want to accept it as “life”, it still bothers me. I’m tired of being bothered by it.

I don’t have a constant in my life because I’m trying to change it all. I’m shutting my brain down, putting down the measuring tape, closing my books on Buddhism, meditation, my journal, and my goals calendar. I want nothing to do with any of it right now.  My brain is on constant reframing mode and the more I try to deal with things to help reduce my anxiety and control my emotions, the more it causes anxiety and creates an emotional wreck of a woman.

I am taking a break a break and turning it all off.  Good riddance.


Beauty & Her Crush

So I may be developing a crush on a white beef cake patty at the gym.  He is cute and he grows on me every time I see him. I know I just made him sound hideous but he really is an attractive man.  The thing is he is white. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this girl is down with the brown.  Don’t get it twisted, at the end of day I am equal opportunity dater but I am initially more attractive to a little tint.

He is tall with big broad shoulders….yummy.com…I see him 75% of the time that I’m there so he clearly takes care of himself, which I love almost as much as I love eating my rice cake with almond butter at 1pm.  Normally in these kinds of situations I, like most women, want to look their best when they know an attractive man will be present in hopes of some attention, interaction, a look, a wink, anything really, but I can’t quite do that at the gym. Sure I can be one of those girls that come in with a mask of make-up and perfect hair looking like they came straight from a photo shoot, but that is ridiculous and so not my style.  Plus, I make fun of those girls.  I could come in wearing my sluttiest yet cute “not trying so hard” gym outfit, but with the intensity of my work outs I sweat where no man or woman should ever sweat. It is not cute or attractive so that is a major fail.

What is a Puerto Rican to do?!

I guess I could wait till I get my clear heels and start posing practice.  I hear white men are suckers for clear heels. Hmm…