Baby muscles (progress pics)

I’m quite fascinated how this is all playing out for the fact that I feel swollen and chubby, scale hasn’t budged much which isn’t surprising, but I’m noticing minor changes.

First of all my butt is getting a little pop. It’s shaping into more of a peanut m&m rather than just a plain milk chocolate. Yay! I’m still praying for a bigger butt…God, are you out there??

I’ve develop little baby biceps that I noticed when I was doing my hair. Now, I am very much aware that my bicep is hardly a bicep, hence the name “baby bicep”, but considering I use to have string bean arms this major progress.

My waistline seems to be slimming down and you can see my ab muscles poking through my warm layer of fat. It’s funny, when I was putting together my 3 week progress picture I was trying to find my “skinniest fat” picture in fear of what people would think. Then I realized that is defeating the whole purpose of my progress and why I have announced to the world what I am trying to accomplish via this blog, Facebook and Instagram….so fuck it. This is my body and it looks better than most Americans anyway.

I’m also taken aback by the warm and fuzzies I am feeling from the amount of support and encouragement I’ve been getting from people regarding this blog and my fitness efforts. I actually debated on creating this blog and debated admitting my fitness goals because I really expected to get criticized. I have gotten so use to keeping my dreams a secret and it is really sad that I actually expect people to try and make me feel like shit before they back me up. It’s nice to know that not only have supporters from unexpected people but that….well….I’m liked. Good lord, there’s a thought!

Well bitches, here are the first of many progress pics to come.

P.S. can we just talk about how adorable my phone case is? Lovvvvving.


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